Clinical research on efficiency and quality of products

Clinical studies, statistiques on efficiency, quality of products

Numerous clinical studies have shown the efficiency of mandibular advancement devices such as SOMNOFIT and SOMNOLIS, which reduce snoring and sleep apnoea. More and more physicians in Europe prescribe our products to their patients. In general, mandibular advancement devices are efficient against snoring in more than 90% of the cases. The average diminution rate in regard to apnoea is approx. 60% but it depends on the individual case and, therefore, an individual control is required.
Our products are made of biocompatible materials and they are tested on cytotoxity according to ISO standard 10993. Our company is certified in the quality ISO 13485.

Please find a resume of teh clinical study made by a sleep specialist and dentist in Lisbon-Portugal, Dr Miguel Meira Cruz:

«In a preliminary study, odonthostomatology office based-treatment with SOMNOFIT device was highly effective on sleep apneas and sleep consolidation. In this study, snoring was abolished or became inaudible, there was a significant improvement on the respiratory events (reduced apnea hypopnea index) and sleep became more stable with less arousals.  Regarding to excessive somnolence, patients treated with SOMNOFIT showed a significant improvement of vigilance state after treatment» (Meira e Cruz M, et al. In Press).

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