Do you have a snoring problem?

SomnoGuard® SP Soft is a clinically proven mandibular advancement device being efficient in regard to eliminate snoring, sleep apnea and prevent grinding of teeth. SomnoGuard® SP Soft is not a drug treatment, stop snoring mandibular medical device is often a first choice nonsurgical options prior resort to surgery.

SomnoGuard® SP Soft after fitting.

The SomnoGuard® SP Soft offers the greatest comfort. The lining of the identical trays of SomnoGuard® SP Soft is made from a soft, transparent copolymer. After the fitting process teeth are embedded firmly either into the soft thermoplastic material. Depending on the length of the connector pair chosen the mandible can be advanced up to 10mm. This type of mandibular positioner can be worn by patients with a retrognathic bite.

SomnoGuard® SP Soft is protected by a utility patent (DE 20 2008 011 841.7).
International patent protection filed for.
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