Healthy bed for sleeping

People spend one third of their life in bed sleeping. The materials that surround us can create an environment that contributes to the further accumulation of carcinogens. Viscous elastic memory foam and polyurethane foam are made from chemicals that are completely foreign to the human body. Contrary to what consumers are told, they do not breathe and people are overheating. The noxious fumes can be toxic.

Our bodies are made 93% water to be precise. We lose one liter of moisture every night. If the materials that surround us do not have the ability to both absorb, and release this moisture, we are uncomfortable, and restless. Viscous elastic memory foam, and poluethane foam do not have this ability, thus contributing to poor quality sleep.

If you are concerned about your sleeping environment and would like better quality, healthier sleep, studies find a natural bed including 100% natural Latex, wood, and springs better.

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