How to lose weight successfully


Mike starts his daily regimen with two cups of water and lemon juice (1 tablespoon per cup). Then he mixes 1/2 cup of Powerflax Cereal with one cup of milk and enjoys that as morning cereal with blueberries. Before lunch he has one cup of water with lemon and prepares a flax bread sandwich with double smoked lean sausage (no preservatives added). After his savory lunch Mark has a PowerFlax cookie with lemon tea.

Throughout the day he consumes 2-3 liters of water or tea with lemon juice. Before any snack or meal he drinks lemon water first, then takes his food. Mark feels this allows him to break down food more efficiently. Mike also enjoys having his FlaxSnap Crackers with cheese or cream cheese dip in the afternoon with two cups of water and lemon juice.Dinner typically consists of some meat, salad or soup and for dessert he has his Flaxmachine- high fiber cake. Sometimes, instead of cake, he mixes apple sauce with ground flax and cinnamon and has it after dinner.Mike never eats late at night, just enjoys his tea with lemon and couple of FlaxSnap crackers.

What makes the above regimen so easy to follow is that Mark is not counting calories or fat grams. He simply makes sure that his body gets plenty of flax products, water and lemon juice along with any other foods he chooses to eat. Mark never uses any white sugar, but instead he mixes his beverages or food with honey, maple syrup, molasses or Splenda as sweeteners.

He lost 57 pounds in seven months and hundreds of his customers lost a lot of weight as well. His blood is very low in cholesterol and tryglicerides. He has allot of energy for work and fitness.

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