How to prevent snoring and obstructive sleep apnea syndrome (OSAS)

From the 25 years, researchers have gathered clues which practices can extend our lives. Because of their lifestyles, some of the research focuses on seventh day adventists, who typically exercise regularly, avoid smoking and coffee. Roughly half of seventh day adventists adhere to a vegetarian diet and when adventists who do not eat meat are compared with those who do and are similar in other respects, we find that a vegetarian diet is likely to extend life by two years.

Avoiding smoking keeps us off a respirator. If we wonder why female vegetarians do not end up having quite the same health advantage as men, it could be that the diets of females are generally somewhat more centered on protective plan foods. Vegetarians are less likely to be overweight than meat-eaters. Drinking at least five glasses of water a day turns out to be protective too. This means plan water, not coffee, tea and diet soda. Healthy lifestyle can help to prevent snoring and sleep apnea.

Health habits:

  • regular, vigorous exercise
  • eating a plant-based diet
  • maintaining a normal body weights
  • never smoking

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