Is snoring a disease?

Between 10% and 30% of all adults snore every night and some occasionally. In the age group 40 to 60, 60% of men and 40% of women snore. Men snore more often then women.

Children who snore develop worse than their peers. Children who snore suffer from disturbances in blood flow in the vessels of the brain. Children who snore perform worse than children who don’t snore on skill tests, and in general skill development.

Usually people do not hear themselves snore, but snoring can cause disrupted sleep for both the snorer and the snorer’s sleeping partner. Snoring and sex problem. Snoring is one of those problems which affects everyone, but mostly the person with the problem. People with (OSAS) – obstructive sleep apnea syndrome have a risk of having an automobile accident. It is a health problem that can be associated with high blood pressure, heart problems and stroke.

Every patient with the described problems should have a night study. The study has identified occurences during sleep, where there are periods of hypoxia (reduced oxygen) of the body. It is necessary to consultation with a doctor who specializes in problems of disordered breathing during sleep and appropriate therapy.

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