SomnoGuard® – clinical experience in the treatment of snoring and sleep apnea

Clinical Trials

Based on several years of clinical research and daily practice experience with the formerly marketed SnorBan Tomed developed SomnoGuard® mainly in cooperation with the ENT university hospital of Mannheim/Germany. Present clinical outcome data referring to efficacy are equivalent from a subjective and objective point of view to those generated with the predecessor SnorBan (see abstract below). However, in comparison with the predecessor SomnoGuard features improved jaw impression into the copolymeric material, less side effects and a significant extension of the life cycle by implementing a new geometrical design and changing the chemical composition of the copolymers applied in the manufacturing process. To increase safety the SomnoGuard mouthpiece contains a hole for emergency breathing. Contrary to the pedecessor Snorban with an average life span of only approximately 4 months (then the appliance had been bitten through and had to be replaced by a new one), the average life cycle of SomnoGuard is approximately one year or even longer according to clinical experience with both appliances. It goes without saying that the extended life span has reduced annual costs of using SomnoGuard…

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