Stop snoring and sleep apnea mandibular advancement devices SomnoFit® and Somnolis®

Oral advancement devices like SomnoFit® and Somnolis® clinical studies have repeatedly shown that devices effectively suppress or considerably reduce snoring and sleep apnea.

Numerous clinical studies have shown the efficiency of mandibular advancement devices such as SOMNOFIT® and SOMNOLIS®, which reduce snoring and sleep apnea. More and more physicians in Europe prescribe our products to their patients. In general, mandibular advancement devices are efficient against snoring in more than 90% of the cases. The average diminution rate in regard to apnoea is approx. 60% but it depends on the individual case and, therefore, an individual control is required. Our products are made of biocompatible materials and they are tested on cytotoxity according to ISO standard 10993. Our company is currently in the process of acquiring the quality certification ISO 13485… (read more… Clinical studies, statistiques on efficiency, quality of products).

…The objective of this study was to research the possibilities in diminishing sleep apnea and snoring in two batches of ten patients, by using the night guard therapy, as SOF-TRAY SHEETS-Ultradent night guards and SOMNOFIT-Oscimed interocclusal devices. The maintenance, the diminishing, respectively the disappearance of nocturnal sleep apnea and of snoring was ascertain by the declaration of patients referring the nocturnal comfort… (read more… Romanian Journal of Stomatology, 2007by Doina Lucia Ghergic, Anamaria Bechir, E. S. Bechir).

SOMNOFIT® and SOMNOLIS® stops snoring at night and reduces respiratory arrest, and thus improves the quality of sleep.

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