I am very glad to have found Nozovent. I had used it for over five years when Jean Coutu drugstore stopped selling it, saying they did not have enough customers. I couldn’t have them sent from France to Canada. So I went for a second nose operation which permits me to sleep well on one side only. With nozovent, very little discomfort when applying it, but ease of breathing, mouth closed, so no snoring, and no problem with irritated skin as with the ones sticking from outside. I am sure that if your product was better known, it would be used widely.

Cyrille B.

Last month I purchased one of your SomnoGuard appliances just before going on an anniversary trip with my wife. For the past several years my snoring has become a problem for my wife and more recently I was diagnosed with mild and periodic apnea. I was at the point of considering a CPAP machine to resolve the matter but felt there was a simpler and less complicated solution. I purchased the SomnoGuard appliance plus your booklets etc., followed the excellent instructions and absolute success. My snoring has stopped completely from the first night. Further, although the information suggests that it may take a week or two before the appliance is comfortable, I found it to be just fine from the start. I put it in before turning off the light and take it out when I wake up. I find that the muscles and ligaments in my jaw take about 10 minutes to retract my jaw to it is normal position in the morning, but there is no discomfort and by the time I am at the breakfast table everything is back to normal.
There is one additional item, which I have found. For several months prior to purchasing the appliance I was becoming very tired every afternoon. This is a condition which I read is related to sleep apnea. Since using the appliance I no longer have the tiredness and I seem to get a better, longer sleep each night.
Thank you for making this appliance available over the internet and thanks to your staff who got it shipped very quickly just prior to my vacation. If it is your policy to make user feedback available to other potential users, I certainly have no problem having my comments passed along to another snorer.
Thanks again.

Bill T.
Tottenham, Canada

I just wanted you to know that I cannot live without my Breathe EZ. I sleep with them every night at home but I also travel with them to get a great night’s sleep in hotels.

Andrew W.

I received  CD Stop Snoring Hypnosis Program and CD Deep Sleep Hypnosis Program  three weeks ago and have been listening to them regularly. I work shifts for the Post Office. Sleeping and snoring is always a problem, but the more I listen to the CD’s, the more sleep I get. Last week I slept soundly three nights in a row Thanks!

Misha S.
Hawaii, U.S.

I have been using SomnoGuard AP for almost one week. It is easy to use, very comfortable and works great. I have recommended this device to all snorers.

Steven H.
Palm Cove, Australia

I was trying six ClipAir devices. I am now able to breath much better when I sleep. Merci Beaucoup

Quebec, Canada

SleepSoft earplugs have changed my life. Unfortunately I live in an apartment, and sometimes my neighbors snore. Their snoring keeps me up all night. Now that I have SleepSoft earplugs, sleeping has never been better”. Now I feel great. I can sleep, and wake up refreshed!
Thank you for your great product, SleepSoft earplugs allows me to hear my phone ring, my alarm clock ring, my children calling me, so I wont have to be worried. Thanks again.

Natasha W.
London, U.K.

I bought Somnolis a few weeks ago. Very easy adjustment. Also suitable for  teeth grinding. It has been working very well. My snoring stop from the first night. Thank you.

Sydney, Australia

This product Snore Relief ZD-100 is perfect for me. I bought in Cracow Poland. I am looking forward to using this product again. I lost the one I had in Italy so I am very happy to find you so close here! Thank you.

Victoria, Canada

I have a sleeping problem then i try the CPAP machine, the problem is hard to sleep with the mask and strap on your face and head. After ill tried the SamnoGuard device for a week it give me a very good result, im so very happy for the product. Thanks.

Toronto, Canada

I want to thank you for your kindness and prompt attention to my order for the Somnoguard AP mouth device. The device was purchased within the last 30 days. I love the Somnoguard AP mouth device and it has helped by sleep apnea tremendously. Thank you for your help.

Diane C.

Nozovent is the only product on the market that works for me. I am now able to breath better when I sleep. I wish this product was sold in all pharmacies in Canada.


Nozovent is an excellent product. I have tried nose strips but the sticky glue strips end up irritating my skin. At the time I searched high and low had envisioned a product years ago that would open the nasal passage from within. Finally i have found it. What a brilliantly designed product. I currently use a CPAP machine and wish very badly to sleep without one one day. If I use this in conjunction with a jaw titration device perhaps I can rid my reliance on the cyborg behavior of relying on a machine hooked up to power. Cheers to nozovent!


Greetings: I have used devices like these for several years. Last time I needed to replace my appliance I tried your SomnoGuard product and I have been very pleased with it. It is now time to replace it though. I am ordering your adjustable unit this time as I have often felt that some adjustment in the appliance would be an advantage for me.
Thanks for maintaining a very professional website with lots of related products.

Bill T.
Tottenham, Ontario

My Snore Relief ZD-100 arrived yesterday and I used it last night. Took a bit of getting used to the 2 ‘prongs’ in my nose, but heavenly. I could breathe without the breathe rite strips that irritate my skin or the CPAP hose which wakes me up every time I move. The added bonus is the fact that the effects last for several hours after it’s removed. Would love to wear it 24/7, but people might think it a bit strange.
Thank you for a great product.

Best regards,
Marguerette T.